Sailing on the Adriatic Sea

Sailing on the Adriatic Sea

A trip on the Adriatic Sea on a sailing yacht is a great opportunity to see Montenegro from a different angle and to admire panoramic views that are inaccessible from land.

Sailing will give a feeling of unlimited freedom - the smell of the sea, the sound of the waves, mooring in different marinas along the route. Sailing as an option for active recreation should be on the list of every tourist. Such leisure will make a trip to Montenegro unforgettable and bright.

Special features

The Adriatic Sea is considered one of the calmest and most comfortable for sailing in Europe. Here, the weather is most favorable for sailing, storms and strong gusty winds are extremely rare, and the waves are usually weak (in summer the waves are no more than half a meter, so you can not be afraid of seasickness). 300 km of natural coastline with a long line of sandy beaches is waiting for the tourists. From the deck, you will see the entire coast with winding coves, sea caves and grottoes, towering cliffs, and picturesque landscapes.

You can take a sightseeing trip on a yacht or a multi-day cruise. You will move along a route prepared in advance, discovering new places every day.

In some towns, you can moor and go ashore for a walk. The whole coast of Montenegro can be sailed for 7 days, or you can choose an individual route for a shorter period - 1-3 days. This leisure option is available for all ages, day cruises are suitable for children if they are not swayed on board.

Top Sailing Locations

The best water area of ​​Montenegro is protected from the waves from the sea of ​​Kotor Bay and the bay with the same name, in which there is three riviera. Sailing is attractive because it allows you to go to interesting places or just to anchor at a deserted beach. You can enjoy diving and fishing, and meet the dawn on the deck.

So, in a small settlement of Herceg Novi with unique architecture, parking for yachts is equipped, and in the ancient city of Budva, medieval buildings, a Greek-Roman necropolis of the 2nd century AD, a Venetian citadel, and churches are preserved. On the way, you can also visit the modern port of Bar, the pirate refuge Ulcinj, and the fishing village of Bigova. In Tivat, there is a large marina in Porto Montenegro with the airport, where luxury yachts of famous people stop in the parking lot.

During the trip, you will see many islands with pristine nature. There are 14 of them in Montenegro. It is worth visiting the island of Mamula with numerous fish restaurants and marinas. The mariners of the twin islands of Perast, the island of the Virgin on the Reef, named after the church and especially revered among sailors, will be warmly welcomed. You will learn the mysterious legend associated with the name and the traditions of the locals.

Yacht rental

For sailing in Montenegro, you can rent a sailing ship on-site - a wide selection of swimming facilities is available. So, you can find a catamaran, a yacht of any size and type with an experienced skipper at affordable prices. A more economical option is to ship the vessel without a crew. Independent access to the sea is possible if you have an internationally recognized certificate of training. Yachts are equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable rest: cozy cabins, bathrooms, and kitchen.

The cost of renting a sailing yacht depends on the season, type, and dimensions of the vessel, and the duration of the trip. But prices are lower here than on the entire Adriatic coast. Sailing diversifies the rest in Montenegro, complements with bright colors and unforgettable impressions.

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