Montenegro is a small cozy country surrounded by rocky mountains and azure sea, dotted with sparkling rivers, rich in crystal lakes, full of archaeological and historical monuments of culture. Located in the south-west of the Balkan Peninsula, this country, the area of ​​which is only 13,812 square kilometers.

These kilometers include:

  • mountain ranges (the legendary Durmitor);
  • the central plain;
  • Lakes (many of which are nature monuments);
  • rivers (the longest Tara).

From the south-west side, Montenegro is washed by the Adriatic Sea.

Geographical diversity of Montenegro contributes to the formation of three climatic zones (mountain, coastal and continental), which as a result makes this country interesting for tourists with different preferences. For lovers of mountain skiing, lovers to luxuriate in affectionate sea waves, eco-tourism lovers, lovers of relaxation with benefit and improve their health - for all in Montenegro there is a comfortable zone for recreation.

Treatment in Igalo

Tourists who have visited Montenegro for therapeutic and preventive purposes choose the Igalo complex. Modern equipment and high qualification of the staff makes Igalo the most popular hospital in Europe. Those wishing to improve their health will find here the highest level of service. In addition to the treatment of local mineral water, radon baths, sea mud, special programs (shiatsu, taiji, electroacupuncture, reflexology), vacationers can enjoy tennis courts, sea beaches, hiking, snorkeling, visit the salon beauty and also make paragliding in Budva Montenegro.

Relaxation on the Riviera

The resort area is represented by three Rivieras: Budvanskaya, Ulitsinskaya, Hercegnovskaya. The Mediterranean climate of Riviera will allow tourists to fully experience the charm of the warm sea, the gentle sun, golden sand.

Hercegnovskaya Riviera lies within the Kotor Bay, which is recognized as one of the most beautiful bays of the planet. The most popular resorts of the Hercegnovskaya Riviera are Kotor, Tivat and Herceg Novi. The resort city of Kotor, founded in the era of Ancient Rome, was an independent city-state during the Byzantine Empire, and in the Renaissance it fell under the rule of Venice, which affected the cultural heritage and architecture. The resort has almost no beaches, but is famous for its majestic cathedrals, and monuments of architecture with pronounced Byzantine and Roman influences. The most interesting to visit is the Cathedral of St. Tryphon, where you can admire the frescoes of the XIV century, works of gold and silver craftsmen of the period XIV - XVIII centuries, visit the grave of the Saint. No less interesting for tourists will be called: the Church of the Holy Virgin on the Reef, St. George's Island, the Church of St. Luke, the Church of St. Mary, the Church of St. Rosita and many other historical sights. In addition, an enchanting and colorful festival is held annually in Kotor.

Of all the resorts of the Budva Riviera - the most important tourist center is rightly called Budva. This is a city with very ancient architecture. The old part of the city, in which there is a picturesque church, is noteworthy. In the new part of the city is the Old Fortress. But not only lovers of antiquity will fully appreciate Budva, but also lovers of an active, cheerful holiday. Here a large number of hotels, villas, rooms for rent for every taste and purse. Along the embankment there is a main resort street with restaurants, cafes, discotheques and various attractions, inc. paragliding Montenegro. And, of course, the beaches: Slavic, Pisana, Mogren, Guvante and others. Montenegrin beaches are very convenient and safe.

Sightseeings of Montenegro

Visiting the main sight of Montenegro, Ostrog monastery, will cause a feeling of genuine rapture and reverence. Cut high in the rock, it is clearly visible from afar. Here come pilgrims, to worship the relics of St. Basil.

The small town - Zabljak is a very famous ski resort in Europe. It is located in the center of Durmitor (a mountain massif in Montenegro) and has everything you need to satisfy the needs of a skier. The developed infrastructure allows organizing a rest in accordance with the standards. Tourist here will provide rental offices, a team of instructors, well-equipped ski trails.

The magnificent nature of Durmitor will attract the attention of tourists regardless of the season. Pine forest, relict forest, rich animal kingdom, all this can be enjoyed in full. Mountaineering, hunting for wild animals, rafting along mountain rivers, and also visiting glacial caves and mountain lakes - all this will be provided at the resorts of Durmitor.

Resting in Montenegro, you need to visit the spiritual capital of Cetinje, located at the mountain Lovcen, in order to feel all the strength of the spirit of the Montenegrin people. Three times the Turks tried to take possession of this city, and each time they suffered a fiasco. Being the center of the struggle for independence from the Turkish invaders Cetinje became a symbol of heroism, courage and patriotism of the Montenegrins.