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Necessary information

Flight in Budva

Main place for flying is located on the coast, not far from the tourist capital of Montenegro, Budva city. Paragliding take-off is carried out from the top of the mountain massif Brajichi at an altitude of 760 meters above sea level. Flight altitude up to 1200 m., landing place is in the Bechichi beach-Rafailovichi. Flight duration up to 20 minutes. The whole standart event lasts 45-60 minutes.


Bechichi standart flight - € 65.

Air excursion, flight duration up to 35 minutes:

Budva old town - € 75, Sveti Stefan (Saint Stephen) - € 85.

Video web link - free!

Video take away (SD card inclusive) - € 15.

Outfitting for flight

Please take care of your gear in advance in accordance with the air temperature in the day of the flight. Temperature at the height may be lower by 5-15 degrees depending on the season.

Essential requirement for your clother, regardless of the season, is the presence of a fixed shoe with a firm sole.


Despite of pararliging flight doesn't require special physical training and everyone from child to adult can fly in tandem, you should be carefully about your health in the day of the flight.

We strongly recommend against excessive consumption of alcohol drinks per day and the day of the flight. If you are prone to motion sickness (seasick in the car or on the water), have a remedy for motion sickness and take it before the flight.

Day of flight

On the day of flight, at the agreed time after meeting with instructor, you will be delivered to the top of the mountain to the place of paragliding take off. Just before the start you will be instructed about necessary actions at the time of launch, flight and landing. Then take a spectacular flight!

Please have a spare time at day of flight as it will be needed for waiting of weather condition changing.


After taking decision about paragliding in tandem, please contact the instructor by phone. Or through the form below. Find out about the possibility of flying in perfect flying day, arrange a time and meeting place, receive additional instructions.

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