5 exciting ways to be in the air

Exhilarating Airborne Adventures: 5 Ways Up High

Some consider their entertainment extremely dangerous and believe he has no place in today's society.

The rest is spent daily looking for something that can tickle your nerves. When the terrestrial and aquatic entertainment is exhausted, you can try to rise into the sky.


Sport from which the heart stops and captures the spirit in the literal sense of the word. Many aeroclubs are ready to provide services for the commission of this action, so going somewhere far is unnecessary.

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At first, it will seem that nothing is special about it. Everyone can do it because it is straightforward. However, as the plane is lifted into the air, this opinion will evaporate, like moisture after rain. At the moment when the instructor offers to jump, the awareness of what is being done will cover your head; all the hocks will shake.

Drop height can be selected and reported to the pilot. At first, you should not climb too high; 1000 meters will suffice. You can not be afraid that the parachute will not open; all mechanisms are automated, and there will be no consequences. You can fall with or without an instructor. The difference is only in price and self-confidence.

Base jumping

This is the most extreme kind of skydiving. In short, this is a kind of parachute jump from fixed objects. The danger is much greater than when jumping from an aeroplane. The slightest mistake and the consequences can be dire. It is essential to consider the parachute's weather, well-being, and readiness. There will be no second chance, as well as no second parachute.

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For beginners, the path is closed here until they become more experienced. Not only is flying dangerous but also landing. It can happen anywhere, and the risk of injury is not excluded.

Rope jumping

If you still want to jump off a cliff, jump jumping will do. Step into the void and long flight. A considerable portion of adrenaline was provided. The jump hurts neither the weight of the body nor the weather because you can crank everything in the sun, in the cold, and in the rain. Each is calculated as the height, base length, and checked mount.

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High-quality equipment plays a huge role; human life depends on it, and you cannot save money.


If the parachute jump has already occurred and you liked it, you can try the paragliding test. The nervous system will not suffer so much, and the birds will take over as their own.

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There are no special requirements; the weather should not interfere with pleasure. Therefore, fog, rain, or a thunderstorm are not allowed. Clear and calm weather is also not fun. The wind is the main companion of the heavenly journey.

You can independently purchase a paraglider and learn to master it. When travelling, he will be indispensable.

Hang gliding

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Fans of flying a kite in childhood will be delighted because they can control a similar device. No special training, only suitable weather conditions, the desire to get a dose of adrenaline and a good mood. It differs from a paraglider because it has higher speed, air stability, and turbulence resistance.