Canyoning in Montenegro: Top 5 best places

Montenegro is a paradise not only for lovers of swimming on caramel beaches but also a pearl for those whose passion is active and extreme relaxation.

Rich in scenic spots, the country attracts lovers of rafting, paragliding, canyoning, and other unforgettable holidays, which will fill the body with adrenaline, and the soul with inexhaustible pleasure.

canyoning montenegro

Canyoning: for the bravest

Montenegro is an ideal place for those who always wanted to try canyoning. This is truly an amazing form of recreation, which will "taste" all the extreme sweetness and see the wild beauty of nature from those angles from which it will not be shown in any film!

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What is canyoning? This is overcoming canyons, and channels of narrow mountain rivers, located in the gorges of rocks, without the help of swimming facilities. Extreme lovers use the equipment for climbing, but do not resort to using canoes, kayaks, etc. Only carbines, safety straps, special equipment, ropes, helmets, and protective clothing are used, which will allow you to jump into the water, swim and conquer the elements of water-rocky terrain.

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"Canyoning is a real test for body and spirit, an opportunity to feel yourself in the arms of nature in the true sense of the word!"

Feature - travelers are constantly in extreme conditions. Canyoning combines several types of recreation and requires good physical training, moral training, and willpower. Fear is not the place! The more dangerous the route- the more exciting the adventure! Emotions and memories will last for a lifetime!

canyoning montenegro nevidovo

On the edge of the abyss

Nevidio Canyon is one of the most popular in Montenegro, conquering the gaze with picturesque landscapes of fabulous beauty. Landmark length of 3.4 kilometers literally strewn with tests: at every step, there are narrow canals, vertical stones, waterfalls, and foaming rapids. Just a hundred meters from the entrance to the canyon is a waterfall Grabovine.

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Sunset Tunnels and Coils

Canyoning in Petrovac is not only a generous portion of extreme sports but also a scattering of tunnels, which offer a wonderful view of the coves and sugar beaches. Some tunnels are equipped with stairs in the rock, from which you can descend to the water. Guides offer to get to the caves by boat, but the extremes will need only ropes, equipment, and all their courage to try their luck and feel the whole excitement of playing with life!

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Surrounded by rocks and mountain beauty

Kotor is a small town, surrounded by limestone cliffs, which means it is the perfect place for canyoning! The canyon in Kotor surprises with its picturesque rocks, in some places similar to the skillful masonry created by human hands. The water in the canyon, unlike the others, is not azure-blue, but emerald, sometimes reminiscent of malachite. Stones at the foot of the river are especially beautiful: overgrown with moss, they resemble a velvet carpet. Lovcen Mountain and the world-famous karst Blue Caves are the main walking routes.

canyoning montenegro bar

Picture woven from rocks

The Bar is known not only for the status of the country's main seaport but also for breathtaking rocky areas. The canyon of the river Moraca is truly an amazing place worthy of the artist's brush. In addition to the mountains, tourists will be met by rapids and rapids mountain rivers, ancient towns, and monasteries. The strikingly beautiful rocks are complemented by the power of the sapphire river, bordered by rampant greens. Canyoning in the Bar will allow you to see all the beauty of Montenegro, to capture it in memory for a long time!

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The deepest abyss in Europe

The canyon of the river Tara is a collection of huge massive mountains that literally hang over your head. If you always wanted to plunge headlong into the abyss - you are here! The canyon is famous for being the deepest in Europe! It is second only to the Grand Canyon. Experiencing fate, tourists will be able to enjoy the beauty of the Black Lake and the highest Dzhurdzhevich bridge in the country. If you love the height, depth, and frenzy of the heart, the Tara River canyon is your choice!

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Technical aspects and important information

Canyoning is an extreme type of recreation, which means permanent teamwork. Tourists must be in good shape. This type of recreation is available only for adults and is not intended for children.

The journey lasts 3-6 hours with breaks. If you plan to visit several canyons at a time - the duration increases to 11-12 hours. But this is only for the most athletic and experienced.

The instructor accompanies the tourists throughout the route.

The price per person - is about 99-130 euros.

The price includes transfer, instructor services, equipment, breakfast, and dinner.

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