Bechichi standard flight

Welcome to the "Bechichi Standard Flight" – a signature escapade presented by Budva Paragliding. Here, the sky transforms from a mere backdrop to an exhilarating journey. Set against the stunning Montenegrin coast, Bechichi beckons paragliders to its idyllic realm, where the shimmering Adriatic Sea and the expansive horizon converge in a picturesque embrace.

Embarking on Your Adventure

Your odyssey begins with a warm greeting from your instructor, a skilled navigator of the skies and a captivating storyteller. Together, you'll ascend to the Brajichi mountain range, commencing your airborne adventure from a majestic height of 760 meters. Amidst the gentle murmurs of the wind and the thrill of anticipation, you'll prepare for your flight fully equipped and ready.

The Thrill of Takeoff

Safety, our unwavering priority, is emphasized in a concise yet comprehensive briefing. Then comes the moment of exhilaration – your ascent into the breeze. Suddenly, you're soaring, embraced by the wind, liberated in the boundless sky. Below, Bechichi unfurls like a vivid canvas, where rugged mountains coyly meet the serene sea.

A Flight Like No Other

You'll glide through the air for an enchanting 15-20 minutes, guided by the weather's moods. Your experienced pilot, a vigilant custodian of the skies, guarantees a serene and secure experience. As you fly, absorb the panoramic splendour of the coast – moments worthy of both your camera and your heart.

More Than Just a Flight

This experience transcends Paragliding; it amalgamates nature's grandeur, adrenaline-fueled excitement, and profound tranquillity. Whether you're a Paragliding enthusiast or a first-time flyer, this journey promises an unforgettable surge of exhilaration.

Ready to Fly?

Why remain earthbound when you can witness Bechichi from an unparalleled perspective? Reserve your "Bechichi Standard Flight" now and brace for an adventure that will elevate your spirit and perspective. With Budva Paragliding, the sky is not just a boundary; it marks the start of an extraordinary journey.

Budva Paragliding: An Incredible Adventure

Prepare to take flight and ascend to 1200m, experiencing up to 20 minutes of serene flight, depending on weather conditions. Your descent concludes at a particular landing site near Bečići and Rafailovići beaches. The entire experience spans 40-60 minutes, promising a blend of thrill and wonder.

Let's take to the skies and embrace the adventure that awaits!

Price of participation

The donation price is 125€ 75€

Transfer from the pick-up point included

Video from GoPro immediately with you, SD card included - 10€