Experience the exhilaration of soaring through the skies and witnessing breathtaking views with Budva Paragliding - Flying Adventure's tandem Paragliding demonstration. Prepare to embark on an unforgettable flying adventure that combines the thrill of Paragliding with the beauty of Budva's stunning coastal landscape.

Booking a tandem Paragliding demonstration with Budva Paragliding is your ticket to an extraordinary airborne experience. Whether you're an adrenaline junkie seeking an adrenaline-pumping activity or a nature lover craving a unique perspective, this is an opportunity that shouldn't be missed.

Upon arrival at the Budva Paragliding Center, you'll be greeted by a team of highly skilled and experienced Paragliding instructors. Our professionals are dedicated to ensuring your safety and providing an enjoyable experience from start to finish. They will guide you through the necessary preparations, explain the techniques, and address any concerns or questions.

Once geared up and ready to go, you'll be paired with a certified tandem pilot who will be your trusted guide throughout the flight. Our pilots are experts in their field and passionate about sharing the joy of Paragliding with others.

You'll feel excitement and anticipation as you take off from the launch site. The feeling of freedom and weightlessness as you glide through the air is unparalleled. You'll have the opportunity to marvel at the breathtaking panoramic views of Budva's coastline, turquoise waters, and picturesque landscapes.

During your tandem Paragliding flight, the pilot will handle all the technical aspects, allowing you to relax, soak in the experience, and capture stunning memories. You can bring a camera along to document your adventure or request the pilot to capture photos and videos for you to relive the moment later.

Budva Paragliding - Flying Adventure offers various tandem packages to suit your preferences and duration. Whether you opt for a shorter flight to get a taste of Paragliding or a more extended session to maximize your time in the air, each package promises an unforgettable and awe-inspiring experience.

No prior Paragliding experience is necessary to enjoy this activity. The team at Budva Paragliding will ensure that you receive proper instructions and guidance throughout the process. They prioritize safety above all else and adhere to strict industry standards, ensuring you can fly safely.

Booking a tandem Paragliding demonstration with Budva Paragliding - Flying Adventure guarantees an extraordinary adventure, incredible views, and a memorable experience.

So, buckle up, spread your wings, and get ready to embark on the flight of a lifetime!

Important information before booking

Outfitting for flight

Please take care of your clothes in advance following the air temperature on the flight day. The temperature at the height may be lower by 5-15 degrees, depending on the season.

It's worth having sunglasses.

An essential requirement for your clothes, regardless of the season, is the presence of fixed shoes with firm soles.


Despite Paragliding flights not requiring special physical training and everyone from children to adults can fly in tandem, you should be careful about your health on the day of the flight.

We strongly recommend not taking alcoholic drinks on the day and the day before the flight. If you are prone to motion sickness (seasick in the car or on the water), have a remedy for motion sickness and take it before the flight.

Photo & Video

Save your impressions of the flight is quite simple. Take any recording device with you and use it on a flight. Sitting in a suspended system, you will efficiently and comfortably take photos or videos.

We will allow you to use our special action camera without a photo-video camera.

On the day of the flight, at the agreed time after meeting with the instructor, you will be delivered to the top of the mountain to the place of Paragliding take-off. Before the start, you will be instructed about necessary actions during launch, flight, and landing. Then take a spectacular flight!

Have extra time on the day of the flight as it will be needed to wait for weather conditions to change.

Effortless Reservation

Swiftly secure your spot by messaging us on your preferred messenger. Click the messenger icon of your choice.