Sveti Stefan - Air excursion in Montenergo

Set off on an aerial odyssey with Budva Paragliding's "Sveti Stefan - Air Excursion," a tandem paragliding journey that turns the stunning Budva Riviera into your canvas of adventure. Get ready to paint your memories in the sky!

The Jewel of the Adriatic

As you gear up for takeoff, feel the anticipation build. You're not just about to fly; you're about to become part of the majestic tapestry that is Montenegro's coastline. From the moment you lift off, the world transforms beneath you – a mix of azure seas, rugged cliffs, and the picturesque Sveti Stefan Island, looking like a postcard come to life.

G0017479 sveti stefan

Soaring Over Sveti Stefan

The true star of this flight is the iconic Sveti Stefan Island. As you glide overhead, take in the stunning contrast of red-tiled roofs against the backdrop of the turquoise Adriatic Sea. This island, a blend of history and luxury, looks even more magical from the air, like a secret kingdom rising from the sea.

G0016052 sveti stefan

A Riviera Like No Other

But there's more to this flight than just Sveti Stefan. The Budva Riviera unfolds beneath you in a panorama of beauty. Golden beaches lace the shoreline, mountains stand guard in the distance, and the crystal-clear waters invite daydreams. It's not just a flight; it's a journey through the heart of Montenegro's natural splendour.

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Your Companion in the Sky

Your pilot, more than just a guide, is a custodian of your safety and enjoyment. Experienced and qualified, they easily navigate the skies, ensuring a comfortable and awe-inspiring experience. With them at the helm, you only need to relax and soak in the vistas.

G0014829 sveti stefan

Capture the Moment

During the 20-25 minute flight, seize every opportunity to capture this once-in-a-lifetime experience. Whether through photographs, videos, or just etching these views in your memory, these moments are yours to cherish forever.

G0017436 sveti stefan

A Flight for Everyone

This experience welcomes all - from seasoned paragliders to those spreading their wings for the first time. Tandem Paragliding with us is not just about the thrill; it's about experiencing Montenegro's beauty in the most unique way possible.

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Ready for Takeoff?

Why stay earthbound when the skies of Sveti Stefan beckon? Book your "Sveti Stefan - Air Excursion" and prepare for a journey that's not just about seeing Montenegro but also about feeling its heart and soul from the skies. Your adventure of a lifetime is just a flight away.

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Let's soar!

On this delightful flight, we take off to a height of up to 1200 m above sea level, from where a stunning view opens up to the entire Budva Riviera. We will fly like birds at a distance of about 15 km. The duration of the aerial excursion is up to 25 minutes. We were landing on the beach of St. Stephen. The whole standard event lasts 60-90 minutes.

Price of participation

The donation price is 145 125€

Transfer from the pick-up point in Budva included.

High-resolution video and photo, download link included!

Immediately with you, sd card included - 10€