Diving - meeting with the depth

Dive into Montenegro: Unveiling Underwater Wonders

Rest in Montenegro will give a lot of unforgettable impressions, mainly if the program for tourists includes diving.

You can enjoy the beauty of the underwater flora and fauna, swim in the city's ruins, or explore sunken ships, caves, and coves with an instructor. The sea is warm enough to enjoy underwater adventures even in winter.

The best places for Diving in Montenegro

Areas where the central part of divers comes to:

  • Budva Riviera. Transfers to the islands of St. Nicholas, Katic, Patamuni, and other places are organized from Budva. The most visited city of Montenegro is suitable for lovers of caverns; they are abundant here - underwater caves, Krekovica, and tunnels.
  • Herceg Novi. The sunken ship St. Istvan and the underwater world of the Bay of Kotor, part of Nivitsi, are attractive diving destinations here.
  • Kotor. Davers can swim near a sunken ship and explore coral reefs.
  • Bar. There is a large selection of diving clubs, interesting underwater excursions to the calcareous reefs, and sunken ships, particularly to Dag. Be sure to swim at Cape Voluyats. The cave Mikovica and the "place of sunken amphoras" at the ancient port of Bigovica will surely interest scuba diving enthusiasts.
  • Ulcinj. Near the city is a sunken Austrian ship, the Italian boat Goritia, which also appreciates Old Ulcinj's chic flora and fauna. It is worth diving at "the place of sunken amphorae" at Jeran Reef.

There are seven sunken ships on the Montenegrin coast, 6 of which are available to certified divers. Also, near the peninsula, Lustica is the Poseidon Cave and the Blue Cave, the Siren Grotto, the sunken bomber, and the ship.

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Requirements for diving participants

You need to be trained for tourists planning to dive for the first time. Most diving clubs provide this opportunity and organize transfers to dive sites. Beginners cannot go to the caverns and caves and descend to great depths. They are available only with calm and measured immersion, swimming with the flow.

Those divers with specific certificates and the number of confirmed dives on their hands can receive training programs. You can get a CMAS, PADI, NNI, or SSI certificate here. Professionals are allowed to do challenging dives, such as:

  • Cavern & Cave Diving ("cave" dive);
  • Wreck Diving (diving into sunken ships and aeroplanes);
  • Deep diving (deep-sea diving);
  • Night Diving (night diving).

A person who wants to go diving should have medical insurance; he should not have health problems, pressure drops, or allergies to any part of the equipment.

Many clubs and centres offer training for children aged 8-10. For all beginners, including young participants, the first dives are carried out in the pool, then to a shallow depth in the sea.

Diving price

Prices for Diving largely depend on the selected location, the diver's training level, and the package. One trial dive for a beginner can cost between 30-70 euros. Programs for training certified divers for cave and deep-sea diving with the issuance of certificates start from 350-400 euros.

Equipment rental is usually included in the course price. Underwater video and photography can also be offered, and the cost varies from 10 to 100 euros. Food, drinks, and additional services may be included in the program or paid separately.

Price of participation

The participation price is 40 euros.

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