Great review about paragliding in Montenegro

Great review about paragliding in Montenegro

It was paragliding interested me last summer. This relatively young sport and an excellent option for outdoor activity holidays is quickly gaining popularity worldwide.

Its essence lies in the fact that a person makes a flight on a paraglider, a specialized parachute made in the form of a wing. Vivid emotions and an adrenaline rush are provided to each participant.

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Such outdoor activities have many advantages. It is straightforward to master the glider. Beginners can immediately fly together with an experienced accompanying instructor. The paraglider easily fits into a tourist backpack and weighs about 5 kilograms, so every man, woman, and teenager can wear and use it. Paragliding instantly unfolds. You can start with it from any convenient position. On landing, it packs easily and quickly.

Where to go paragliding

I was interested in Montenegro. This is a beautiful country with picturesque mountain areas. Here, there are ideal opportunities for Paragliding over colourful panoramas. Mountain slopes and majestic canyons, sea bays, endless plains, and lakes allow you to recharge incredible emotions.

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Paragliding is well-developed in this country. In Montenegro, a sufficient number of tourist sports clubs offer their clients extremals and Paragliding. Usually, their prices range from 75-150 euros (with the involvement of an instructor). Only a pilot with sufficient experience can fly on his own. To make a final decision, I read the tourist reviews about Paragliding in Montenegro.

Opinions and impressions about paragliding in Montenegro

I looked at many reviews of tourists with Paragliding. They flew to the zone of the city of Budva, the village of Petrovac, and other places in the country. What passenger paraglider noted in the first place? Most of the reviews speak of the high professionalism of the instructors who supervise the flight and control the activities of tourists. In the opinion of extremes, flying with a paraglider they are distinguished by absolute professionalism, love for their profession, and competent guidance, and can have tremendously positive feelings from flying.

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Also, many pilots share their emotions about the incredibly picturesque panoramas opening to them at an altitude of a thousand or a few hundred meters in Budva, Petrovac, the Bay of Kotor, and other places. They express admiration for the beauty of the surrounding landscapes and the nature of Montenegro, which leaves an indelible impression.

great review about paragliding montenegro

Many tourists talk about their feelings about the flight. Most are breathtaking from soaring in the airflow over the mountain landscapes, the sea coast, and colourful plains. Beginners say that the most important thing is to carry out the commands of their instructor carefully. Then, the flight will be beautiful and without any problems, and bright emotions and a powerful adrenaline rush will give euphoria and charge positivity for a long time. Some pilots were scared, but the positive sensations completely absorbed this negative feeling from planning on a wing.

After reading the comments and feedback, I got excited about the idea of ​​a trip to Montenegro with mandatory Paragliding in Budva, Petrovac, and Kotor.