Montenegro holidays - Plan the incredible now!

Top 10 outdoor activities in Montenegro

Montenegro attracts tourists not only the picturesque beaches and crystal clear waters. Extreme sports have gained worldwide popularity, which you can enjoy here to the fullest. The wonderful climate, calm sea and the abundance of mountains, plains and hills allow you to taste the pleasure from every moment of active holidays in Montenegro.

The charm of Montenegro

Not for nothing Montenegro is very popular among tourists from many countries. After all, there are no harmful plants and other industries.

Great paragliding adventure in Kotor Montenegro

Clean ecology, the inviting silence of the mountains, the tenderness of the sea and the richness of architecture - this is what attracts millions of tourists every year to try the resorts of Montenegro.

Tourist and resort in Montenegro

The nature of Montenegro is very picturesque. Transparent lakes, green hills, mountain rivers with waterfalls are everywhere. This country is often compared with Switzerland. However, compared with her holiday in Montenegro will cost two times cheaper.

Paragliding Montenegro - A beautiful bird's eye view

For lovers of extreme sports who plan to holidays in Montenegro, we offer an overview of the best places for paragliding. Paragliding in Montenegro is a beautiful bird's eye view. A country with many mountain peaks can give unforgettable moments of complete freedom, combined with adrenaline rushes and a sense of weightlessness.

Treatment and relaxation on the Riviera in Montenegro

Montenegro is a small cozy country surrounded by rocky mountains and azure sea, dotted with sparkling rivers, rich in crystal lakes, full of archaeological and historical monuments of culture. Located in the south-west of the Balkan Peninsula, this country, the area of ​​which is only 13,812 square kilometers.

These kilometers include:

The best outdoor activity in Bečići Montenegro

Montenegro is a magical country, literally strewn with historical sights. This is a fabulous corner on earth that boasts beautiful nature, panoramic views and unspoilt beaches. And one of the most popular resorts is Bečići.

Paragliding Montenegro and 5 exciting ways to be in the air

Someone considers extreme dangerous entertainment and believes that he has no place in today's society. The rest every day looking for something that can tickle your nerves. When the terrestrial and aquatic entertainment is exhausted, you can try to rise into the sky.

Yachting in Montenegro

People with incomes above the average prefer to spend summer holidays on the Adriatic Sea. Now traveling on a yacht has become more accessible to many. This is enough to come to Montenegro and ask for help with a company engaged in organizing sea voyages. Holidays on the Adriatic with family or friends is an affordable pastime for businessmen and employees with sustainable income.

Budva, Montenegro - the tourist capital

Since ancient times people come to Montenegro with the same important goal - to improve their health.